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Peach State Labs, LLC is a full-service technology company specializing in polymer chemicals. With our annual sales in the millions, we service customers worldwide focusing on key industries including flooring, textiles, coatings & paints, consumer products, leather, and institutional water treatment.

Our chemicals are developed with solution-based results to help make products more durable, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

Some facts about Peach State Labs:

  Our products are pre-registered under the REACH protocol.

    We have almost 50 Patents — 25 are international.

    Founded in 1987.

    Our products are used in 22 countries worldwide.

    We have over 100+ years of combined industrial and chemical experience.

    We have a spotless record of compliance with all federal, state and local Industrial and Environmental statutes.

    90% of Carpet Made in America Uses Our Technology.

    We Offer Ground, Rail and Sea Distribution.

    We Offer Impeccable Customer Service.

    Our International Research and Development Team is Comprised of World Class Scientists.

    We are Agile, Fast, and Creative Problem Solvers.

    We use Backwards Integration of Intermediates for Products.

    We've used sustainable products for over 2 decades.

We offer Superior Customer Service

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